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The executive partners of Intersalo GmbH, Germo Möller and André Haase, are active in sales and marketing management since 2002. During that time, they have internationally marketed both their own products and services, as well as the products and services of others, while providing support to select companies with their marketing and sales efforts.

Intersalo GmbH is a proportionate subsidiary of PROVENTURY GmbH and emerges out of the restructuring of the corporate network.

By expanding the services of the previous company, the renamed company has restructured its grown business fields of the past years.

After this process of differentiation and specialisation, the primary object of the company are now the following 4 main service areas: sales, customer service, warehousing & logistics, reselling

These substantial 4 core services are the basis on which Intersalo GmbH can offer its present and future partners a convenient and efficient entry into B2B and B2C markets

Constant testing of new approaches to solutions and the combination of existing and new technological standards are the basis for the company's success and makes it a valuable partner for start-up and medium-sized businesses domestically and abroad.

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CDH membership

The Intersalo GmbH has now also joined the Wirtschaftsverband für Handelsvermittlung und Vertrieb Nordost (CDH) e.V. (Trade Associtation of Sales and Distribution North-East)...

Project DANOO Lifestyle

Schönefeld (Berlin), 24.09.2020 DANOO Lifestyle is a new shopping platform with brands of Dana Huschert Lifestyle GmbH. The first products are already available in the online store and will soon also...